TOP-ME Tags Plastic name tags for fishing traps and other uses
TOP-ME TagsPlastic name tags for fishing traps and other uses

Flat Tags

Flat Tags Approximately 1.0" by 3.75"

Snap-on Tags

Snap-On Tags Approximately 1.0" by 3.75"

Bait Box Covers

Bait Box Covers Approximately 5.0" by 4.5"

Plastic Name Tags with raised lettering, used in numerous fishing industries in North America

We manufacture and ship the "orange name tags" used in the lobster, crab, and other fishing industries.  The tags have raised molded lettering with your choice of name, telephone, vessel name, or fishing license ID (approximately 30 characters maximum).  Theft warning text is molded on each tag.  Please research the requirements for trap identification required in your location.


Orange color, environmentally neutral dye, typically last over 10 years.


TOP-ME Tags LLC is a family owned company.  The name tag business line was purchased from TOP-ME Products in December 2015, and we use the same manufacturing equipment, processes and raw materials that have been used for over 20 years to make these durable name tag products.


Call or email with questions to discuss your name tag needs!


Made in the U.S.A!


Tel: 207-449-1180

Fax: 207-221-1445


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